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The Dead Zone
By: Stephen King

Analysis: Main Character makes you understand how you could have too been foolish and also can wear a mask over your intentions. Accidents happen.
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Gone Girl
By: Gillian Flynn

Analysis: Every character in this story starts out likable , until so within what we know about them reveal their immoral, cruel, and ruthless selves. Great, gut wrenching plot twist! This novel became a popular movie.
434 pages.
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Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
By: Stieg Larsson

Analysis: This is a complex novel that is greedy for your attention. Layers of this plot can tangle you up, and not let you have release until you get to the back cover. Readers will love an introvert, wonder where how and why people disappear and what forces of research will it take to bring back those who are long lost. Novel became a movie, that doesn't do the book justice at all. Book 1 of a trilogy. Translated to English in 2008 from Swedish.
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Open Season
By: C. J. Box

Analysis: Joe Pickett (main) is a Game Warden in Wyoming, with Marybeth (his wife) who is pregnant and raising their two daughters. Sheridan is the eldest, Lucy is the youngest. Joe ticketed a poacher while he (Joe) was on duty, named Ote Keely. That person, Keely shows up on Joe's ...
325 pages.
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The Closers
By: Michael Connelly

Analysis: Hary Bosch returns to the blue religion in part I, discovers High Jingo in part II, and finds the darkness waiting in part III. A 17 year old murder of a 16 year old girl is haunting a family and school in California. There has been a cold hit for evidence on the murder weapon, a DNA match!


The Host
By: Stephenie Meyer

Analysis: Earth has been invaded by so-called "souls". they re attaching to humans and using the human bodies as their own crushing out the person who already lived in there. Resist or be erased.


The Name of the Wind
By:Patrick Rothfuss

Analysis: Kote, the main character is an older man an keeper of an inn/bar. A member of the fay is his apprentice. He is a man with red hair who has many legends surrounding his name. Eventually a scribe comes in to write down his story.

Science Fiction

All of Our Wrong Todays
By:Patrick Rothfuss

Analysis: The idea of the world really having an unlimited power source truly is fantastic. The time line splits are similar ideas to that which can be found in older, Star Trek novels.

Mystery & Romance

The Shadow of Your Smile
By: Mary Higgens Clark

Analysis: Monica Farrell is a Pediatrician in New York. Her father was adopted, never knowing who his biological parents were. Ryan Jenner is a Neurosurgeon with a romantic interest in someone who works in the the same hospital as he does. Monica left Boston to escape Scott Alterman, her over-admirer. He was married to Joy (who is Monica's best friend) until Scott's obsession with Monica concluded the marriage via divorce.
Charlie, son of Tony Garcia and ____ Garcia, recovers from a cancerous brain tumor. Much of this recovery is attributed to the many prayers offered to "Sister Catherine", a saintly Nun who has been worshiped since her death.
Alexander Gannon (deceased at the time of story)founded a company making prosthetics. Two nephews of Alexander Gannon, Peter and Greg Ganonn, Dr. Clay Hadley and Douglas Langdon have taken over the company. They are all in some way siphoning the income which is supposed to go into this much needed company, into their personal pocket books, illegally.
Catherine had Alexander's son just before becoming a Nun, outside of wedlock. Her son was a shameful secret, who was adopted out to another family.
As a pleasant conclusion, Catherine spent her life like a pediatrician, who gathered funds for Children's Hospitals.
384 pages.

Mr. Perfect
By: Linda Howard

Analysis: An ending you'll never see coming is brought on by characters you learn to love, hate or miss. Jaine is strong, but has not endured this much tragedy all at once before. Find out what happens! ...see complete review





Analysis: Ask yourself, where you are coming from and going to. Read this short book that is deep and rich in ideas when you are ready to find out about yourself, where you are and make a prioritized to-do list.
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Bob Spitz

Analysis: The history that shaped a band, that shaped pop music. What would it take to reach the top? How did the band fall away and split apart? Bob tells all in his well researched bio.
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