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Art is subjective. I can make art as a commission job, because I have the skills for it. Most of my creations were inspired by the process of creation being therapeutic for me. I may have drawn something just to create a feeling, or to release a feeling.

Fine & Crude
Subject & Rendering

Monochromatic, to colour theory and cadmiums, wet, dry, on or off paper, still life, real life, and authentic imagination. You can see my final work, as well as the sketches and thought processes that brought me there.

Pencil drawing, Watercolor, Vector Font, MultiMedia School Project


FrontEnd Development

Front End Development is like an evolution of poetry or English. It’s like English class in the way that you develop your ideas like an essay, and is written in English. It is like poetry because less is more (code or words), in the same witty way. Design and Development is the process when I’m trying to create something to share with someone. This is when I create "with my audience in mind" in a robotic, cold way of saying it. I create with design and function ruling my decisions, for the benefit of the user. This is objective.

For tech insights, and coding capabilities, and / or designs, then click on. On this page you can go through the other webpages, sites, and styles I've made.

Fluent Coding Languages

  • HTML5, MarkDown
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Deployment, Hosting, Domains



Visit my book review site.
Recently obtained a Library Card. I am excited to use this awesome rescource.
These reviews are written for / about books that I read and processed.
I enjoy many genres of book, fiction, or non-fiction. I admire peoples' ideas, like to share my own, and appreciate the way people can organize their larger ideas and share them. Sharing similar to the way we use the Internet.


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